Mission and Purpose

Stabilizing Neighborhoods, Revitalizing our Economy


Mission Statement

When given an opportunity to focus on a strategic alliance with Government; G.C. Charitable Homes Association submits to a unique competitive advantage within the Real Estate Investment Community. This unique alliance will offer an optimal balance between free market enterprise and appropriate Governmental oversight. Furthermore the opportunity provides the appropriate risk adjusted returns and oversight to our strategic investors and strategic alliance agreements.

What is even more important; we believe the timing is now! It is imperative that we maximize these opportunities for the coming years to empower and restore America.

The purpose of G.C. Charitable Homes Association is to address the challenges of America’s Neighborhoods demise precipitated by the thousands of foreclosed properties nationwide.

The methods by which the majority of these challenges will be addressed are through collaborative efforts with:

 Other Non Profit Housing Organizations

 Through Educating Consumers

 Partnerships with Lenders and Government Agencies

This creative and synergistic approach will position otherwise homeless individuals to have access to funding for these vacant properties and put those homes back into the hands of responsible and financially educated consumers.

In addition, G.C. Charitable Homes Association will create local partnerships by engaging local Real Estate Professionals and supportive teams using the “Boots on the Ground” approach. This will allow lenders and servicers to become engaged within the local community in which they are working to address the challenges of neighborhood deterioration.

This alliance will also assist in the resolution of issues relating to the preservation of vacant properties and code violations. By leveraging on-the-ground organizations whose local expertise can create a middle market for disposing of properties in these deteriorated areas and devise a resolution that will benefit the entire community. It is extremely important to employ cooperative efforts that will engage Lenders, Municipalities and Local Non Profits.

G.C. Charitable Homes Association is committed to eliminating deterioration in the local neighborhoods by creating strategic alliances with GSE’s (Banks, Mortgage Insurance Providers, Approved Asset Management Companies, Approved Servicing Companies and Non Profit Corporations by addressing our housing crises with collaborative efficiency.

We believe The G.C. Charitable Homes Association can make a sustainable difference in America’s deteriorated communities.


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