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blue suitDr. Faye Wilson


 Executive Director

G.C. Charitable Homes Association

As a recognized leader in the Real Estate Industry, Dr. Faye Wilson (DrFaye) is known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business goals.

Although she is engaged in several business ventures; her primary focus is the global expansion of G.C. Charitable Homes.

GCCHA focus is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.

GCCHA believes that if given an opportunity to focus on a strategic alliance with the Government it will provide a unique competitive advantage and the optimal balance between free market enterprise with appropriate Government oversight, while providing the appropriate risk adjusted returns and oversight to our strategic investors and strategic alliance agreements with approved GSE’s (Banks, Mortgage Insurance providers, approved asset management companies, approved servicing companies and nonprofit corporations.  More importantly, we believe the timing is now, and feel it is imperative to maximize these opportunities for the coming years.

The purpose of GCCHA is to address the challenges of neighborhood blight caused by vacant foreclosed properties by collaborating with nonprofit housing organizations, educating consumers, addressing homelessness by partnering with lenders and government agencies to put those homes back into the hands of responsible borrowers.

GCCHA will create local partnerships to put “boots on the ground”, that will allow lenders and servicers to become more of a part of the community in which they are working to address the challenges of neighborhood blight.  Solving issues of vacant property upkeep and code violations by providing new opportunities for home ownership. Leveraging on-the-ground organizations whose local expertise can create a middle market for disposing of properties in these blighted areas in order to devise a resolution that will benefit the local community. It is extremely important to employ cooperative efforts that engage Lenders, municipalities and local nonprofits.

GCCHA is committed to eliminating blight in the local neighborhoods by creating strategic alliances with GSE’s (Banks, Mortgage Insurance providers, approved asset management companies, approved servicing companies and nonprofit corporations by addressing our housing crises with collaborative efficiency. We believe GCCHA can make a sustainable difference in the blighted communities

Leadership Brand

Assessing a crisis situation, I bring the wisdom to instantly quantify intellectual ideas, the foresight to measure the sweeping impact of thousands of little decisions, and the acumen to innovate no-risk nexus strategies that drive Return on Equity.

Throughout her career, DrFaye has brought the vision and surefire work tools to exact needed change and engage everyone in the new mission. Her innate talent to engage associates at every level has benefitted her companies immeasurably by instilling loyalty and excitement up, down, and across organizations.

As a keen listener and communicator DrFaye considers all vantage points, translates complex processes into easily understood, actionable bites, and puts all stakeholders at ease. Expert at turning around resistant city officials and cementing positive, lasting working relationships with clients and tenants across sectors

DrFaye is a well-rounded business leader equipped and driven to handle any situation impeding corporate initiative

Value Promise

Top-level strategic decision-maker, supporting executive team in driving profitability and direction of firm; advancing qualified real estate and land opportunities; defining and closing lucrative new business opportunities; and building internal and external team consensus.

       Core Strengths

 Reputable leader and strategic developer with a successful background orchestrating start-ups as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful restructuring.

  • Effective in boosting sales revenues and impacting unit recognition, productivity, and membership through advanced leadership and implementations.
  • Expert in the identification, analysis, and resolution of diverse operational issues, continuously maintaining top performance while offering superior programs/services.
  • Skilled presenter, communicator, and trainer with success targeting large community groups, impacting organizational performance and reputation.
  • Superior capabilities in selection, recruitment, training, and development of top performing talents.
  • Highly focused on adhering to organizational missions and philosophy while positively impacting bottom line and daily performance.


Operations Management: Team Building, Human Resources, Personnel Benefits, Team Facilitation, Training/ Development

Research & Development: Strategic/Tactical Planning, Competitor Analysis Marketing Strategies, Policy/ Procedure Development, Problem Resolution, Project Planning, and Risk Management

Organizational: P&L Management, Financial Reporting, Budget Planning/Preparation Expense Reductions, and Cost Control

Public/Business Relations: Seminars, Community Presentations, Contract Negotiations Board Participation, Team Facilitation, and Member Management

As the CEO of Dr. Faye & Company Inc. a Professional Consultant Company, she serves small business owners throughout the United States.

As an entrepreneur, DrFaye is an aggressive and innovative engineer in the creation of “Business Building Branding and Broadcasting.”™ A system that allows small business owners to go from zero to veteran through creating an online marketable presence.

As the President of Owner Proxy, LLC DrFaye has established a strong working relationship with the Section -8 Program through creating a system of rehabbing homes in underserved communities.

DrFaye’s father is now in his 66th year in the Real Estate Industry. This foundation excited a strong interest in buying, rehabbing and selling homes. A career and love for Real Estate began early with the purchase her first four properties in her twenties.

Faye was destined to grow to be passionate about the industry. While growing up in a large family with parents who worked hard to achieve financial stability through Real Estate her journey has been both diverse and adventurous.

Over the course of the years DrFaye served as an administrator at the Veterans Administrative supervising 169 employees. She was responsible for the budget of over a Million Dollars for her department.

Realizing education, passion and a positive approach are keys to succeed in any industry, Faye continues to expand her companies   to facilitate and foster Joint Ventures and Strategic Relationships in Real Estate Transactions.

Team Experts Include Short Sale Negotiators, Funding Experts, Wholesale Experts, Commercial and Residential Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure Products. The Company works strictly by referrals and business profile vetting.

DrFaye received the honor of being invited to participate in an infomercial with the author of “Wealth Without Risks” Saen Higgins in recognition of acquiring Tax Liens secured by over 1 Million Dollars in Real Estate in 30 days.

As a former licensed Real Estate Agent in New Jersey, Faye holds to a high standard of business ethics, and has created strong and viable nationwide relationships with Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Consultants.

For the past 5 years she has worked with high net worth individuals in the Real Estate Bulk and REO industry.  Due to her strong convictions and work ethics she continues to be a strong and viable entity facilitating Virtual Real Estate transactions from coast to coast.

As a 4th Generation Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor Dr. Faye Wilson (DrFaye) is Seller of Nationwide Bulk REOs and NPNs, Commercial Real Estate Investor, and Financier with a strong and consistent client base providing professional financial services for Commercial Real Estate Projects.

As a Private and Personal Consultant and Liaison for High Net Worth and High Profile Clients DrFaye works to secure Commercial and Residential Real Estate from Asset Managers, Banks and Private Equity Groups.

As a CEO/President of The Wilson Group etal DrFaye is strategically aligned with Commercial Buyers and Sellers to offer professional services with VIP customer service. Our Attention to Detail Provides Our Clients with Maximum Exposure, and Access to Qualified Lenders.

We are A Principle Driven-Principal Served Commercial Real Estate Investment Company.

 Personal Mission

DrFaye proudly extends her leadership acuity to her community and has a true passion for charitable endeavors benefitting youths and children.  She has worked extensively with battered women shelters and supports efforts to create additional shelters throughout the country.

Her affinity for giving back to her community stems from the guidance and support she received from her church, community, and schools when she was growing up in a small country community.

One of her goals is to establish a foundation to support homeless children globally.

DrFaye has traveled to both East and West Africa ministering to the needs of children. She plans to continue her mission in building a village to educate and train children on how to be successful no matter where they live.


University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas School for Medical Sciences

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

American Institute of Holistic Theology

Trump Institute

Prudential Fox & Roach School of Real Estate


Radio Talk Show Host

Motivational Speaker

Ordained Minister with a Doctorate in Divinity

Base Leader Connected Investors

Business Associate Georgia REIA

Real Estate Coach/Mentor

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